Sleep The Clock Around

Mommy’s milk came in! Mommy’s milk came in! I’ve been spending most of time these last few days drinking milk and sleeping. When I did manage to stay awake for longer than five minutes, some exciting things did happen:

The most exciting event was my first walk in my new stroller. Mom and Dad picked out a real nice looking and comfortable ride. Also, I got my first bath. This certainly was not much fun, but I have to admit it did feel good to get the cheese cleaned out from under my chin. Another cool thing was when Dad introduced me to my two turtle brothers, who are green and live in the water, and my big sister Rogue, a soft and fuzzy kitty cat.

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  • Nanny says:

    Eli, You are a very creative writer! You are so good and adorable, and we are so happy you are here. Love, Nanny


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