Wakes and Falls

Hello Everyone! I’m 6 months old now! I turned 6 months yesterday and let me tell you, I am one big boy. I can even prove it — Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor and they say I am 28 inches long and a little over 19 pounds! Now that I’m a big boy I can start eating big boy food. Tonight for dinner I am going to get sweet potatoes!

Mommy and Daddy decided I had a problem sleeping at night so they’ve been letting me “cry it out” when I get fussy in the middle of the night. It’s kind of scary, but I know it’s good for me to not be waking up so many times during the night… it seems to be working… last night I woke up only once and when I fell back asleep, I slept for 9 hours straight.

Last weekend we went to the beach. We stayed in a little town called Rockaway about 10 miles north of the Tillamook Cheese factory. Mommy and Daddy said they will take me back there when I’m old enough to eat cheese, so in the meantime I will continue to make my own cheese. The highlight of the weekend is when we went to a crabbing dock and saw a bunch of crabby crabs in a tub and a nice man took some of the crabs and cooked them for us. One minute the crabs were playing in the tub, and the next minute they were being cooked for dinner. I’m glad I’m not a crab.

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