It’s Halloween! Mommy and Daddy said that one year ago today is the day that they discovered I existed. I was only a microscopic embryo then. Now I’m 16 pounds! Last weekend we saw the Beavs take down #3 USC. I sure do love the Beavers. Last week I got a new toy. It’s a Sesame Street walker. I get to bounce around with Big Bird and Cookie Monster. I like Cookie Monster best. He told me when I get old enough that if I dip cookies in my milk it will make the milk that much better… I can’t wait! I also got to dress up in a pumpkin sweatsuit for Halloween. Kids came by the house and said “trick or treat” and Daddy gave them candy. I can’t wait to go trick or treating… I’ve heard nothing but good things about candy. My hair is getting noticeably longer. I’ve really grown out of all of my newborn clothes because I’ve become so long and cute. Mommy’s milk machines finally went kaput, so I’m just loving the dry milk now. Also, it feels like my two bottom teath are starting to come in. Dad says as soon as I have four teeth I can eat a cookie with him and Cookie Monster.

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