September Glows

Hi Friends! It’s me, Eli Guthrie Harrah! I haven’t posted for close to two weeks, but never fear, I’m back, and in full force. Let’s see, what’s been happening?… I still love milk, and my tummy is growing so fast that I need more of it at one time now. I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine of going to bed at 8pm and sleeping until nearly 7am with only waking up once or twice in between. I’ve been drooling a ton. Mom and Dad say that is an early sign of me getting teeth. When I get teeth I’m going to eat so much yummy candy! I like to try to stand, but it’s hard to keep balance (I’m guessing because a solid 35% of my weight is in my large head). Speaking of large, I went to the Dr. the other day for my 10 week checkup and he said I was 11 lbs, 15oz, and 23.75 inches long. That’s 50th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height! I’m growing! On Thursday I met my new friend Natalie Johnstun, who is now 3 weeks old. She is bigger than I was at her age so it really put into perspective just how much I’ve been growing…

In the last week I’ve also played with my friend Ben at his daddy’s graduation party, raced for the cure, celebrated Nanny and Boppo’s birthday, went on a fun shopping trip with Grammy and Pop Pop, met my prospective babysitter, and of course, ate, slept, pooped, and played.

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