Dance Dance Dance

Hooray! I saw Uncle Ben and Auntie Clare get married in Sacramento last week. First we went to San Francisco for a few days because Mommy had a conference for work there and she wanted to take me because she loves being with me, and who could blame her? We got there by flying on a great big airplane! In San Francisco Daddy and I walked all over town. My favorite was Chinatown because of all the fun toys and colors. We stayed at a fancy hotel, but the bathtub plug there didn’t work, so I didn’t bathe for a couple of days… It was surprisingly fun to be a stink bug. Finally, on the day we were leaving for the rehearsal dinner, Daddy thought I was too smelly so he put me in the sink to freshen up. It felt good on my hiney and I was happy to be clean again. At the wedding I wore my brand new suit and Boppo held me and I flirted with a girl in the pew behind me. At the wedding reception I ate, danced, took a nap, and danced some more… It was exhausting, but I love to party!

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