Laugh Riot

Being a baby is so fun. All I ever do is smile and laugh these days. I’ve switched out of my waking up once per night routine and now wake up twice a night for milk snacks. Mom and Dad love to feed me in the middle of the night. I’ve been laughing more and more, mostly because Mommy and Daddy are so silly. I have a funny little squeek at the ends of my laughs, which usually Mommy and Daddy laugh, which in turn makes me laugh even more. Sometimes they act like complete nut jobs trying to get me to laugh. When they’re not being so silly though, they’ve been reading to me and letting me play with my toys. Everytime I take a bath with Mommy Daddy keeps on asking her to dunk me but she keeps on being too scared. Then finally she dunked me. It was so fun! It was like I was a baby manatee. I can stand up for long periods of time without even wobbling if I know that Mommy or Daddy is holding me.

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