Thanks for Great Grampas

Thanksgiving was the best. My two great grampas flew into town to play with me. Great Grampa Skipper flew all the way from Florida and this was the first time I met him. He’s great fun. And Papa John flew in from LA. We met a couple months ago when I was only half as big as I am now. I also got to play with Uncle Nathan, Alison, Uncle Ben, and Clare. And I got to play with the Rollers and Amy K and Matt from Seattle. It was non-stop action for a whole week. Aside from the exciting festivities, I’ve been doing some neato tricks… Grammy saw me roll over, i’m getting really good at using my hands, i had to get a bigger diaper size, Daddy put me all the way underwater during bathtime, i’m making more and more sounds, and i learned how to make motor boat sounds with my lips. It’s all so fun. See for yourself:

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