Bug Noises

Hi Friends - I’ve benn having so much fun latelty. Mommy and Daddy have been feeding me so much and I’m always so full and it makes me happy when I’m full. Today, after not taking a poop for over a day, I unloaded all over the place. My little diapers could not contain it. When daddy was changing me and complaining to Mommy about what a mess I made I thought it would be a good time to show daddy what a mess really looks like, so I grabbed a handful of it and smeared it all over myself. It was awesome!

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my new friend Natlie Johnstun. She’s still in her Mommy’s tummy, but I’ve got a good feeling she will be fun, just like her brother. All my friends were here and we played in the yard all day long. I’ve known most of my friends for my whole life, and I know I’ve said it before, but they are so cool.

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