Big Boy

On Wednesday Mommy and Daddy took me to see the doctor for my check-up. The doc says I weigh 17lbs and am 27.25 inches long! Now that’s what I call a big boy. Plus, I got four shots in my donkeys (thighs) and I barely even fussed. So Mommy and Daddy decided I was big enough for some big boy food — rice cereal! At first I was a bit apprehensive as I had never smelled anything like that and I couldn’t suck it out of a bottle, I had to use a spoon, which I’ve only seen Mommy and Daddy use. Once I got a taste of it and realized how delicious it was, my instinct told me I should just shove my face in the bowl, much like the kitty does when she eats. But Mommy and Daddy made me use the spoon, which I would argue is much less efficient than the kitty’s method, but Mommy and Daddy generally seem to know what’s best, so I’m going to have to trust them on this one and learn to use the spoon.

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