My First Noel

Christmas is awesome! The amount of toys I have has more than quadrupled! Grandma Millie came to town and she was just as fun as I remember, which is to say super-duper fun… Saturday was Mommy’s birthday and she got presents of her own. Christmas Eve morning we went to church in Longview, where I was a really good boy. Christmas Eve was dinner at the Stavig’s, which smelled delicious, but I stuck to my rice cereal… I must say I am growing less and less fond or rice cereal though. Daddy read me “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” before bed, which made me extra excited for morning. When morning finally arrived was when things really got exciting. Presents were everywhere and most of them were for me! I get the feeling that people really love me. First we had Christmas at Grammy and Pop Pop’s, and then we had Christmas at Nanny and Boppo’s. Then Chrismtas Dinner at Nanny and Boppo’s. It looked delicious, but Daddy says I need teeth before I can enjoy big boy food like that. That night we took off for home and I’ve been having a blast enjoying all my presents and remembering all the fun I had with my family.

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