Bye Bye Love

It’s been quite a week for me… Mommy had to go back to work and I miss her a lot and she misses me a lot. We play as much as we can in the mornings and evenings and I know we will get to play all weekend! In the meantime, Nanny came over and played with me on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I played with Daddy in the morning and then Elizabeth came over in the afternoon. Elizabeth is a student at University of Portland and she is going to be playing with me a few times a week while Daddy works upstairs. Today Grammy and Pop Pop are here, and I can tell we’re going to have a lot of fun.

In the last week I’ve started talking even more. And I love to stand when someone is there to keep my balance for me. I can stand for a long time. Ask Daddy if you don’t believe me. I’ve started a new routine this week where Mommy brings me into bed with her and Daddy in the morning so I can have breakfast. Then I lay there and Daddy makes the bed around me while Mommy gets ready for work. I do my exercises for about an hour and then I have a little snack and then take a little nap. It makes for a very pleasant morning.

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