It’s not a Bash if it’s not a Barn Bash

This was my first ever Barn Bash. Daddy’s too. We went to Pop Pop & Grammy’s for the weekend and had all kinds of fun. I danced, sang songs, played in the creek, played badminton, launched balloons, played the parachute game and ate yummy food all day long.

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Mommy & Daddy took me to Sunriver again. I went when I was 2 years old too, but back then I rode in a trailer behind Daddy’s bike. This year I got to ride my own bike all over the place. One time I was coming down a hill and didn’t quite make the turn at the bottom and got a lot of dirt in my mouth. It was my biggest crash ever, but I was alright. When I wasn’t riding my bike, you could find me playing in the swimming pool or eating ice cream cones outside of Goodies.

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My Big Birthday

I turned 3! This year I learned to do so many things including talking, sleeping in a big boy bed and peeing and pooping in the toilet. Here’s some pictures from my celebration:

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4th of July in Clatskanie

We went to Clatskanie for the 4th of July. It’s my very favorite place to go for the 4th. This year the parade was too loud for me so I covered my ears the whole time. They had lots of rides this year. There were also lots of firemen and they let me put on their fireman clothes and squirt water out of the big hose.

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It’s getting to be summer again. Mommy & Daddy have been taking me to the beach and I’ve been playing outside a ton. One day we went to my friend’s Caleb & Natalie’s grandma and grandpa’s house and I pushed Natalie around on her tricycle for a long long time.

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