In The Arms Of Sleep

Wow, I can’t believe I’m 10 days old! Life sure is a cake walk so far. My parents give me my favorite food everytime I open my mouth and give me a dry diaper everytime I make a poopy. I’ve been up to the same old bag of tricks lately, eating and sleeping and eating some more. Dad stopped giving me my supplement because my pediatrician said I was packing on plenty of weight. I’m almost up to birth weight! I still get lots and lots of Mommy’s milk, which is incredibly yummy. Yesterday I took a long nap with Mommy on my big boy bed and it was very peaceful. I was quiet the whole time because I knew Mommy needed the rest after I was so fussy the night before.

I’ve been able to hang out with my friends a lot too. Since I’ve been born I’ve played with Ben, Caleb, Maggie, Tanner and Amelia.

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Sleep The Clock Around

Mommy’s milk came in! Mommy’s milk came in! I’ve been spending most of time these last few days drinking milk and sleeping. When I did manage to stay awake for longer than five minutes, some exciting things did happen:

The most exciting event was my first walk in my new stroller. Mom and Dad picked out a real nice looking and comfortable ride. Also, I got my first bath. This certainly was not much fun, but I have to admit it did feel good to get the cheese cleaned out from under my chin. Another cool thing was when Dad introduced me to my two turtle brothers, who are green and live in the water, and my big sister Rogue, a soft and fuzzy kitty cat.

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Meeting People Is Easy

These last few days I’ve just been hanging out and meeting new people. I had to get circumcised on Tuesday and that was kind of scary but the nice doctor put a pacifier soaked with sugar water in my mouth to keep my mind off my nether regions. I’ve had lots of visitors and I’ve been sleeping a ton. My mommy and daddy are very nice and attentive when I cry. I can’t wait for Mommy’s milk to come in because I’m kind of hungry.

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First Day of My Life

I’m Here! I arrived into the world at 2:50 in the morning today. I was 7 lbs and 1oz heavy and 20 and a half inches long. Wow! I got to meet my mom and dad right away and they are so cool. A couple of hours later I got to meet all my grandparents and I think they are going to be a real hoot! Then I met my Uncle Nathan and he sang me a song and I loved it so much. I also got to meet a lot of mom and dad’s friends and my new friend Ben who is 5 weeks older than me and they all seem very silly and fun.

Check out these photos from my birthday:

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