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In The Arms Of Sleep

Wow, I can’t believe I’m 10 days old! Life sure is a cake walk so far. My parents give me my favorite food everytime I open my mouth and give me a dry diaper everytime I make a poopy. I’ve been up to the same old bag of tricks lately, eating and [...]

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Sleep The Clock Around

Mommy’s milk came in! Mommy’s milk came in! I’ve been spending most of time these last few days drinking milk and sleeping. When I did manage to stay awake for longer than five minutes, some exciting things did happen:

The most exciting event was my first walk in my new stroller. Mom [...]

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Meeting People Is Easy

These last few days I’ve just been hanging out and meeting new people. I had to get circumcised on Tuesday and that was kind of scary but the nice doctor put a pacifier soaked with sugar water in my mouth to keep my mind off my nether regions. I’ve had lots of visitors [...]

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First Day of My Life

I’m Here! I arrived into the world at 2:50 in the morning today. I was 7 lbs and 1oz heavy and 20 and a half inches long. Wow! I got to meet my mom and dad right away and they are so cool. A couple of hours later I got [...]

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